Reference Applications for the End to End Edge Compute Solution with the IoT Edge Router and Core Snappy

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This page demonstrates how to implement an end-to-end solution including sensor integration and edge compute using Core Snappy on the IoT Edge Router, leveraging the power of the Silver Spring's Data Platform, and developing a web application utilizing the data through the use of data platform APIs.


The solution consists of two reference applications: 

  1. PART 1: Core Snappy application collecting sensor data over BLE and storing the data in the Data Platform
  2. PART 2: Plot the sensor measurements using the Data Platform Plot Reference Application



The following diagram shows end to end architecture of the IoT Edge Router reference solution here



The IoT Edge Router enables customers to securely connect a variety of sensors and actuators - including those that require legacy‐protocol support -  across a common RF mesh network infrastructure using proven open standards and interfaces, and providing networking protocol support. Support includes a secure and standards‐based architecture for both IPv4 and IPv6 communications with Linux‐based network‐edge computing capability.