DATA PLATFORM: The Silver Spring Data Platform supports open ecosystem of applications to leverage the robust capabilities of both SilverLink and other third-party IoT networks.  With the Data Platform, system users and third-party providers can derive insights and create value from a real-time data cloud delivering unparalleled flexibility and scale.

The platform automatically ingests device data from a variety of sources, normalizes and enriches that data, and then makes it secure and accessible to users and third parties through standard APIs.  Many applications, including Silver Spring's SilverLink Applications and third-party developed applications, are available pre-integrated with the Data Platform.

CONTROL PLATFORM: This suite of software products enables the full lifecycle management of an IoT device, including the provisioning, operation, and troubleshooting of the connected devices.

Silver Spring’s Control Platform’s sophisticated network capabilities include state management, security, firmware, remote programming, quality of service and prioritization, providing full visibility into the performance of IoT endpoints. 

NETWORK PLATFORM: An open, standards-based all IPv6-enabled wireless network that provides unsurpassed, ubiquitous coverage.  Our Access Points support thousands of devices at data rates of up to 2.4Mbps, and come in a variety of form factors to fit the varying use cases presented by utilities, cities and other critical infrastructure providers.  Range is extended through meshing capabilities provided by all continuously powered devices and some battery enabled devices.  Multiple layers of security are built into the infrastructure to safely connect devices and transport data. 

Unlike emerging IoT networks, our solutions have demonstrated the highest levels of performance and are backed with an SLA. Silver Spring offers a variety of network integration options to connect third party devices, ranging from battery-powered modules for sensors to best in class modules featuring multi-megabit speeds and robust distributed processing. All are designed for multi-decade operation in the most demanding environments.



Our end-to-end IoT solution has been proven at scale in some of the most demanding enterprise IoT environments worldwide. It can be deployed in two models:


  • Customer-owned: The traditional choice for utilities, this approach leverages our comprehensive product portfolio to provide customers full ownership over their network infrastructure, while delivering proven smart energy and smart city applications, data, and services through a combination of on-premise and SaaS offerings.  
  • Silver Spring IoT Network Services: Owned by Silver Spring and delivered in a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model, Starfish networks support multiple tenants and a variety of applications and use cases, and leverage an open standards-based architecture to drive innovation from the Silver Spring developer ecosystem.
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